Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the process of structuring a website so that it is found, read and indexed by major search engines in the most effective approach possible.

Consider for a moment, what it would be like if a customer was unable to find your premise of business or your telephone number, it is unlikely your business would survive long-term.

As 60% of e-commerce transactions occur as a result of a click in a search engine and 80% of users never look beyond page 2 of a search, if you wish to run any form of online business it is vital your website is recognised by the major search engines, SEO is really the only way to do this.

Step 1 - Keyword Research

SEO is not about cramming your website with every possible keyword, this will incur a costly waste of time and money. SEO is about focussing on the use of keywords to get the right traffic to your site in order to convert visitors into buyers.

In order to create a solid and sustainable base for your website, you must ensure you choose the keywords your target audience is using when they search on a major search engine.

The best keywords have the following qualities;

  • Strong relevance to your site and offers.
  • Relatively high search volume.
  • Action-orientated.

A keyword like 'car' is most likely to get a lot of visits from people doing research. A keyword like 'Audi TT prices' is a lot more likely to bring you people ready to buy.

Step 2 - Site Optimisation.

Inclusion of the keywords you have decided to target onto your own site.

The following are some of the recommended places on your website where you should include your keywords;

  • All main meta-tags.
  • Image tags.
  • Optimisation of existing content on web pages to reflect the keywords you are targeting.
  • H tags.
  • URLs.
  • Title Tag.
  • Headings.

Step 3 - Content Creation.

This is the process of combining SEO with good writing. 'Content is King', major search engines love well-written, useable content and if visitors find your content useful, they will link to it and tell their friends about it.

One of the implications of creating good content is that you should use as many different words that are as relevant to the title as possible. To ensure a search engine does not value your site as shallow or not useful, it is important you use synonyms of your keywords in addition to the keywords you are targeting.

Stage 4 - Link Building.

The most vital factor to ensure higher rankings. It is no longer just about what is on your website pages, factors such as; who links to you, where you link to and how many websites with authority you are affiliated with , determine where you are placed in the search engine results pages.

Link Building is about securing quality links from quality sites, thus whilst it is important you obtain a lot of links from external sites, no amount of traffic will matter unless your pages have content that satisfies the need of your visitor. It is far more beneficial if these links contain your keywords in the anchor text.

The following:

  • Search Engine Optimisation Content.
  • See who links to your competitors.
  • Join Social Networks to get your content noticed so real sites link to you.
  • Gain as many links as possible from high authority sites.
  • Establish links from external sites, in particular, business partners.
  • Obtain as many links as possible from sites related to yours.
  • Get as many links as possible from blogs which cover topics which your target audience would find of interest.

Having a successful link building strategy will not only allow you to rank for various individual keywords but it will give your brand the exposure in its niche. This in turn will improve your relevancy rating and give you a natural boost in the leading search engines.

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