Social Media

Social Media Marketing is an engagement with online communities to generate exposure, opportunity and sales. Given the low cost of entry, many marketing professionals are exploiting this new avenue.

Social Media

Blindly jumping into social media could be a costly mistake. It is important you spend time doing detailed research in order to formalise a robust strategy that will enable you to achieve your goals.

The following steps provide a building block for building your social media marketing strategy;

Step 1 - Define your goal.

What is it you wish to accomplish from social media marketing?

  • Brand Awareness.
  • Provide information to customers.
  • Build authority.
  • Gain inbound links.

The list is endless, though it is important you define your goals before starting your social media campaign.

Step 2 - Construct your strategy based on research.

Research should include; determining if your target audience is online and if so where they are, measuring success and failures of other similar social media campaigns, establishing timeframes and a method for tracking results.

Step 3 - Build Relationships.

Never show up on a social network and immediately promote your marketing message. Get to know the users, without promoting. It is vital you assist each other and build relationships in order to achieve your goals.

Step 4 - Create a Schedule.

In order to improve your campaigns efficiency you need to define your schedule within social networks, this not only demonstrates commitment but avoids unnecessary time wasting associated with turning up randomly.

Step 5 - Stay the Distance.

Social Media Marketing should not be viewed as a quick fix, building the necessary relationships takes time. Gaining invaluable insight whilst increasing your brand awareness can take months, sometimes years, but the benefits are worth the wait!

Step 6 - Measure the Success of Your Campaign.

In order to determine how your campaign is performing you need to define your strategy for measuring the results against your goals.

Step 7 - Strive for Continual Improvement.

Perfection requires fine tuning. If your campaign is not achieving the desired results, for example, if your goal is to gain back links and this is not coming fruition, you may need to tweak the style of your content or address if you are promoting on the right social media site.

Remember when you do submit content, make sure it is interesting, unique and non-commercial. You need to come up with content which will appeal to your target audience. Some of the varying types of content that may work,include; Breaking News, Tutorials, Statistics, Videos and Pictures.

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