The Domain Name Lifecycle

Understanding the Domain Name registration life cycle will ensure that you protect your investment and avoid you the hassle of your domain name expiring, which can end up being costly and annoyingly difficult to renew. Domain name maintenance is important for people who wish to enter the business of buying and selling domain names.

The last thing that you want is your domain expiring a day before you remember that it's time to renew and you end up losing a precious investment. Remember that with domain registry, your profit is only as good as how long you can keep a domain name in check. It is important to understand the life cycle of a standard domain name from its registration phase up to its deletion so that you can save yourself a domain in case you encounter domain name renewal challenges.

Like any product, a domain works pretty much as a standard commodity that you can get back if you lose it, the downside to all of this is if you aren't careful and lack the knowledge about its life cycle you will end up paying for exaggerated renewal fees because of a simple mistake like forgetting to renew a registered domain.

The initial step to a domain name life cycle is of course the registration phase. You must choose a domain name and check its public availability before proceeding with the other registration steps.

For each domain name you can allot a maximum of 10 years public availability registration, after which you will have to renew. After successfully registering your domain it will go into an active state and will remain so for a 60 day grace period.

After 60 days you may move it to another registrar if you desire. Keep in mind that the information you use to register your domain is crucial. That being said keeping tabs on the email address and contact information you used is one of the most important things you can do to make sure you run a smooth domain registration business, because registrars send several renewal notices a month before its due date.

Registrars will only send the notice through information you used previously so if you lost your email address then I wish you good luck.

In cases of expiration, there is a standard 24-hour holding period for a domain name that has gone past its renewal date. After this grace period a domain will be deactivated.

Registrars usually hold the domain, this means that your email address and website is still there but won't work. This will give you the chance to renew your domain for a regular premium but with a downside. Expired domains are no longer manageable which means that you cannot transfer it to another registrar in case you forget to renew.

If a domain is not renewed within 40 days then the registrar will put it in a 30 day redemption period where most domains are deleted for information, names, contact information and related information tied to your registered domain.

At this point the domain will remain inactive and will need a restoration to retrieve previous information associated with it, which costs a lot of money. If you fall into this rut, the best way to get your domain back is to just wait until the registry drops your domain and start over.

Remember that at this point, anyone is eligible to register your domain.

The best policy to avoid losing your domain name is to renew early. Nothing beats safeguarding your domain name interest than making sure that your domain ownership is secure by renewing at the right time.

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